Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stop, or I'll shoot !?

Local good guy and surf photographer turned rebel Glenn Dubock gets nailed by the fuzz on his SUP board in the Santa Barbara harbor. Here is his quick story.

"Out for a peaceful glide thru Santa Barbara Harbor today. The Harbor Patrol pulls up and very kindly informs me that "the final word isn't in yet, but for now, we are asking all of you guys to wear a PFD. The waist ones are fine, you can pick one up at BlueLine". The good officer asks if that is a camera on the nose of my board. I tell him that it is shooting still photos, he promises not to shoot back"........Glenn Dubock.

Thanks Glenn for the update. First of all, we don't sell PFD at BlueLine. I don't own a boat or plan on buying one so I don't need no stinking PFD!! Next thing you know they will tell us to wear a helmet and and carry a flare gun around our waist in a holster along with our new PFD. Actually, a flair gun might be kind of fun!!

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