Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Yup, we got kites. BlueLine is teaming up with Caution Kites out of Santa Cruz. We will carry the full line of Caution kites and kite boards including directionals and twin tips. We will also carry all the swag you need to kite including harnesses and Oxbow wet suites. Don't know how to kite but always wanted to learn? No problem. Local Caution team pro rider Chris Gutzeit will teach you how.....for a small fee of course. Hell,the surfers already have a hard time accepting SUP so we might as well add some kites to the fun and games. I have seen many a prone surfer cursing the kiters as they rip through the wave carving it to pieces and having a blast. Same goes for SUP. Seems like we both have something in common. Most all my friends kite and SUP so this will be a great match for the store. No wind, break out the SUP board. Big winds, bust out the Kite. Kites and SUP boards!! Hell yes. For more info on kite or SUP lessons call 805 450-9490. OUT.

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