Saturday, December 6, 2008


Me and my two sons were a little bored today so I told them we can check out my blog and post a pic of us. I can't surf due to my cast and my wife is getting our new Christmas tree all dialed in so the rug rats are getting a little crazy. There has been surf the past few days and more coming. Since I cant surf the boys aren't getting in the water either. I get my cast off Dec 30th and then a month of rehab. Watch out after that because Ill be out in the water making up for lost time. Maybe a good rest like this is just what the doctor ordered. Now I can get shit done! Our BlueLine Paddlesurf store is cranking right along and now we are entering phase two. Phase two would be Onboard Watersports,LLC. We will be the Mid-West and West Coast distributor of two major SUP board brands that we will soon announce. Totally different from the BL store, different website, different name. Why not the East Coast? We will let the East Coast guys work what they know and we will work what we know. This country is so freaking big that the East Coast and West Coast are like two different countries. They don't know much about us and we sure as hell don't know a lot about them. When we get "Onboard Watersports" up and running I will direct you all to that website and there will no longer be any mention of Onboard on this blog or the BlueLine website. More later. OUT

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