Saturday, November 29, 2008

INDO.....aint no down stream beer!

Aussie boys having a little fun over in Indo. In fact it looks like so much fun I think I might make the trip with these guys next June to these same spots. Did I mention that they are on Jimmy Lewis 10' SUP boards? Yup, they are.

Paddle Surf Hawaii SUP boards are in!!! Only a few left. Ill be at the store all day today. OUT.

Friday, November 28, 2008


We have some more Paddle Surf Hawaii SUP boards arriving today at the store. Blane Chambers puts his heart and soul behind all his designs and you wont find a more dedicated SUP waterman anywhere on this planet. This guy is into it!! You can see it in his SUP boards and you can sense it when you talk with him. Blane is the real deal. OUT.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Now that the dust has settled and I finally have my hard cast on it's time for me to start counting the days till I get this anchor removed from my leg. One month to be exact and then a special boot for maybe another month along with lots of physical therapy. This injury turned out to be way more gnarly than I first thought. I have said it before and I will keep saying it......line your paddle blade with some kind of liner whether it's tape or door liner........ just do it!!!

Also, our new shipment of Blane Chamber Paddle Surf Hawaii SUP boards has arrived on the mainland and I will have them at the shop Friday (tomorrow). Most of these boards are spoken for so call me asap to reserve. OUT.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Tearing it up in Indo!! Yup, he is on the Jimmy Lewis 10' SUP board. Those Aussie's lay it down big time. I think it's safe to say that this guy can rip on a ironing board with a fin stuck on it but the board does make a huge difference. Thats why he is on the Jimmy Lewis. These SUP boards rip in any and all conditions. OUT.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The Aussie's do everything fast and furious. Australia's Courtney Grey laying it down over in Indo. Yes, he is on a 10' Jimmy Lewis SUP board. Yes, we do carry these boards at BlueLine. Yup, Im hobbling around the shop on crutches so come on down and see wus up. I just might put you to work!! OUT.

Monday, November 24, 2008

PSH.............MORE ON THE WAY

All righty then......back to business. Due to the great feed back from our customers on the Blane Chambers Paddle Surf Hawaii SUP boards we have ordered more. We hope to have them in the store Wednesday or Thursday. We still have two 9'3" rippers left. The 9'6" "wide" rippers went fast. These are high performance SUP boards that are almost 30" wide with a drawn in nose. We hope to have the whole PSH line the first of the year. Also, thanks for all the kind words regarding my last post. OUT.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Against my better judgement I will write this post. It's personal but there are some lessons to be learned. Lessons like taking care of your SUP equipment because strange things can happen. Don't always trust people and what they tell you just because they think they know it all. Take care of your family because they are all that matter in the end. Like I stated in a past post. A blog or "the blog" was really for folks to share their personal life and all the cool fun stuff they do. It's really a kind of diary of your life. So what does this post have to do with SUP? Well it all started with an innocent paddle out in some mediocre waves on my new SUP board and my old carbon paddle. I ate shit and landed on the blade and it cut my lower leg to the bone. You know this story by now so I will fast forward. After I left the ER with a tendon stitched back on I was to return in 10 days to get the stitches out and I'm good to go. NOT!! Turns out the doc didn't notice that the real big tendon that runs along the ridge of my foot and up my leg was 100% severed. Gone. He didn't see it because it wasn't there. So yesterday was the day of the operation to re-connect it and by far the worst day of my life.....hands down. I'm not a religious man but if I'm wrong and there is a hell, I was there yesterday paying a visit. The details of my experience are deeply personal but since this is my diary I will air it out now. I have tried to tell my story to a few friends this morning and I can't seem to get it out. After being super pissed that my leg wasn't fixed right the first time I was now lying in the OP room three weeks later looking up at bright lights thinking to myself "this will soon be all over and I can go home". The doc will inject the juice and I will be off to la la land. OK, so I wake up in the recovery room sweating like a pig, my heart rate was over the top with lots of docs looking at me with strange eyes. Both my feet were still there so that was good. I did not feel right and I knew something was wrong. I felt no pain but I was as miserable as a human being can be. Painless yet physical and mental misery is a strange sensation that I have never felt before and I hope I never feel again. I felt so wrong that I wanted out of my body any way that I could. Turns out I was having some sort of bad reaction to the drugs that put me to sleep for the surgery. I didn't know what to do so I tried to suck it up and finally they let me go home. I get home and start throwing up all over the front yard and then into the back yard. I tried to lay down and the strange sensation of misery only got worse. I couldn't talk or walk and noises hurt my head like a hammer. I laid down on my bed and things got worse. All of a sudden the room went bright white like a big flash and my eyes started to roll back in my head. My body was going into convulsions and my heart was pounding out of my chest. I truly thought I was gone. My wife called 911 while my kids looked on. I managed to get one last look at them thinking it was the last. I told them in a soft voice to go in their room. Now there IS some humor in this because looking back up at my wife freaking out over the top of me while waiting for the ambulance all I could blurt out was "I'm sorry and I love you". Sorry!!?? Yup, sorry for all the pain and suffering I have put her through the past 20 years with my brushes with death. This time I truly thought it was the end for me. I was ready to go down. There is no way I can ever explain how bad that shit made me feel and what it was doing to my body. I just wanted it to go away. I needed the feeling to go away. I could not be in my own skin. Next thing I know I am being hauled out of my house by firemen and EMTs and into an ambulance. After getting to the hospital and getting injected with who knows what the feeling started to very slowly go away. Not much but a little. They got me back to somewhat of a reality at the ER and finally let me go home still feeling real real bad. I was now heading home for round two. I sat up all night as the drugs slowly started wearing off. I will never forget these past 24 hours in my life and I am happy to be alive. It is unbelievable what a bad drug trip administered by a doctor can do. I have been hurt every way possible in my life and have had dozens of operations but nothing has or ever will compare to this experience. Now I can get back to focusing on getting my tendon healed. I have an 8 inch cut up my leg with a major tendon stitched back together with wire stitches. I will be in a cast for over a month and will have to rehab for another couple of months. All this over a freaking paddle blade. Please be careful out there because it's so easy to get hurt and I don't want anyone to have to go through what I just did. I would not wish it on my worst enemy. Thanks for reading my story and I hope that in some way this post will help you think about what is most impotant in your life. It's not paddle boarding, that's for sure. Family first and everything else second. Which way hurts the most? I think I now know. OUT

Jimmy....................Jimmy Lewis

Another pic of home boy ripping it at Puerto on a Jimmy Lewis 10' SUP. These boards mean business and as you can see have no limitations. Dude holding the other Jimmy Lewis SUP board will soon be a molded production 9'4" SUP board. I hope to get my hands on one soon. Like I always say, come down to BlueLine and find your SUP board. If you want a SUP board that rips in big surf I will be more than happy to set you up. We don't just talk the talk we walk the walk. If you think your ready for some advanced SUP surfing lessons let us help you out. We have a highly skilled staff to make it happen. Of course I will have to get my cast off first but we have a couple of other guys that are qualified like Hawaii boy RP or the infamous Marathon Man. OUT.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Buzz and MM

Buzzy Kerbox going big on his Jimmy Lewis 10' SUP. We have the whole line of Jimmy Lewis SUP boards at our shop. Come by and check them out.

I am still waiting for surfing pics of the Marathon Man. I hear he is up north so after my surgery today Ill check my email and hope to see some pics. MM is the proud new owner of one of our Paddle Surf Hawaii 9'6" Big Guy Ripper SUP boards so the pics should be hot. OUT.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Bob Byrne getting busy on the nose of his Jimmy Lewis 11' SUP board up north. Bob is part of the growing SUP gang north of Santa Barbara and around the corner. I like Bob's style. Wetsuit...I don't need no stinking wetsuit!! Some other dude that goes by the name Marathon Man is making a name for himself up there also. I guess he goes out on his SUP for 5 hours at a time with a few beer breaks. Thanks Bob for the pics. Keep them coming. OUT.

Monday, November 17, 2008


So just when I thought things were cruising right along I get banged up again. No problem, I've been banged up my whole life. You have to pay to play and I have paid plenty. I talked with a friend the other day and I asked him what a blog really is. He has had a blog for years and he told me a blog is like a personal diary. Its a way to check in on someone else's life and see what they are up to every day. Its kind of a cool idea......I guess. You can wake up in the morning grab a cup of coffee and see what the hell Jim Brewer is doing or what he has done or what he is doing at the SUP store. If that's what you like to spend your time doing that's cool with me. Read on!!!

A couple of weeks ago I wiped out on my SUP board and slashed my leg with my carbon paddle. After letting it heal a bit I had the stitches removed only to find out that things weren't what they were supposed to be. I have a case of drop foot! What the Fu@# is drop foot? Well, it looks like some tendons and muscles aren't hooked up after the injury so I have to go in Friday and have some major surgery. I think I will be out of the water for the winter and spending even more time in the store. No problem. This means I will be more focused on helping our customers and less focused on the next surf report. Like I said earlier, I have had many injures including brain contusions, busted jaw, surgery on both shoulders and both knees, had my left hand stitched back on, almost bit my tongue off and had it stitched back on, broke my back and some ribs, broke both my feet at the same time on my dirt bike and many more ER visits... I won't bore you with.

So this leads me to my spew on your SUP paddle. Don't think that bad boy is harmless. I have eaten shit on my SUP board hundreds of times in big waves and tiny waves. I have had a few boo-boos including stitches on my foot and small things like that. Now this thing with the paddle is something to worry about. I would recommend adding a rubber lining around your blade so you don't have the same problem I now have. This simple addition to your paddle might save you a year of grief. Do it!!! You can use electric tape or go to the auto shop and buy the door liner. Cheap and easy. No, you won't notice the stuff is on your blade. It won't slow you down in a race. OUT. OUT.


The new Wayne Rich SUP 10'6" will be in the shop soon. I have been lending mine out to friends and they are giving me great reviews on the board. In fact we have been taking deposits and there are just a few left. I surfed the board and it was fast and stable. Wayne did a great job on his first ever SUP board. I can't wait until my leg heals so I can get back in the water and surf this board and all my other boards. Yes, the pics above are Wayne on his SUP board about two weeks ago. The SUP board will be a great way for Wayne to rehab from his nasty surfing injury and now it looks like it will be my rehab as well. OUT.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Better Getcha mind right and come on down and test ride our new line of Blane Chambers Paddle Surf Hawaii SUP boards. We have the 9'3" Ripper and also the 9'6" big guy Ripper. That's right, if your a big dude that wants to rip this might be the one. Almost 30" wide and ready to glide!! More of the PSH SUP boards coming soon. We plan on carrying the whole new line. Come down to our store and see what all the buzz is about. OUT

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


We have lots of great SUP boards down at BlueLine Paddle Surf. The hot item the past few weeks has been the Lopez 9'6". This board rips and the people that have bought the boards from me are sending friends down to get one.These boards are selling like hot cakes. Don't just take my word for it ask the guys that are in the water how they work. The thing that makes this board work so well is the fact that it has volume from top to bottom and it doesn't effect the way the board turns. This board will take your SUP surfing to a higher level. Check it!! OUT.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


A few more pics from the opening. Great music by the Salt Water Cowboys filled the air. It was a super fun event and we had some of the biggest names in the business attend. They didn't just show up to make an appearance they hung out and had fun! Thank you Ron House, Gerry Lopez, Jimmy Lewis, Wayne Rich, Jimmy Terrell, Randy French, Sparky (Rainbow Sandals), Kyle Mochizuki. This event was so fun we might start having parties more often. Ill keep you posted. OUT.

Monday, November 10, 2008


Thank you all for the giant turn out yesterday for our grand opening. More gallery pics soon.

Bottom pic includes Ron House, Wayne Rich, Gerry Lopez, Sparky-owner of Rainbow Sandals, Randy French-owner of Surftech, Jimmy Lewis and Jimmy Terrell.

Top pic is Gerry Lopez with my two sons Ben and Kelly.

Friday, November 7, 2008


We have recently added Paddle Surf Hawaii to our growing line of SUP boards and now we are stoked to announce that Channel Islands SUP's are in the house. BlueLine Paddle Surf has the biggest selection of SUP boards in the country so come on down and check us out!! Our store has a great feel and you will always be greeted with a smile and a positive vibe. Don't forget to come by this Sunday for our grand opening and say hi to all our good friends. OUT.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

THE GOOD NEWS IS................

The good news is that the Paddle Surf Hawaii 9'3" Ripper shaped by Blane Chambers lives up to it's rips!!! It looks aggressive and it surfs aggressive. The future of SUP is like every other new board sport, things start getting smaller and smaller and younger people start getting into it and take it to another level. We at BlueLine realize this so not only will we cater to the folks that want to be mellow and just Cruise we will also be on the cutting edge of performance SUP surfing. We will carry the boards to make this happen. The most high performance SUP board that I have ever surfed is the Ron House 9'1" quad. This board is 27" wide and carves like mad! The PSH 9'3" is right in there. It's a great high performance board tested by the big boys over on the islands. Come by the store and check it out along with all the other boards. We have them all.

Now for the not so good news. While test surfing the Blane Chambers 9'3" Ripper in some great waves I went over the falls and landed on my paddle blade. My foot went limp and after looking down to check for damage I found that I had a big ass gash on my lower front leg. After looking even closer I realized that I was looking at my bone! Turns out the paddle blade cut right down to the bone and cut the tendon along the way. Lots of blood followed. After getting out of the water and heading to the car a friend in the parking lot saw my leg and drove me to the ER. Thanks John. I now have my tendon sewed up as well as my leg. I will be on crutches for awhile and out of the water. Shit happens and it's all part of the game. See you all at the grand opening this Sunday. OUT.

Monday, November 3, 2008


The coolest SUP shop in California is having it's grand opening party this Sunday. Come by and see surfing legends Gerry Lopez, Ron House, Jimmy Lewis, Wayne Rich and others and check out the hottest new sport on the planet. Things have been cranking at the store and the economy hasn't stopped dozens of people from coming in and investing in FUN!!! Paddles and boards are flying out the door and we at BlueLine want to thank all of those for supporting us. See you all this Sunday!! OUT.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Mike, sporting his new Jimmy Lewis 12'6" distance SUP board. Don't just limit yourself to surfing or ocean paddling. These boards are a blast on the high sierra lakes or any inland body of water. Mike was down from Mammoth a few weeks ago and picked up this bad boy and we still have a couple left in stock. Come by and check them out!