Monday, December 29, 2008


Well, I got my hard cast off today after 38 long days. I had the soft cast on for 3 weeks before that so this has been a long healing process so far.Now I will wear this giant boot for awhile but at least I can take it off and take a shower and stuff like that. I asked the surgeon today if I could maybe get on my paddleboard and start to just paddle around and not surf and he told me NO WAY!! He said I have about 3 more months of rehab before I can surf again. 3 MONTHS!! Freaking A. That will make this about a 6 month recovery if all goes well. All this over a old banged up paddle blade. Did I learn my lesson? Damn straight I did and when I can get back on the board and surf you can bet your ass I will have my paddle blade covered with some nice door liner. OUT.

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