Friday, October 26, 2007


Steve "StyleMaster" Marsh riding the new 10'2" nose rider. Great conditions this day in Santa Barbara.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

10'2" "StyleMaster Model"

This is a sneak peek at the new BlueLine noserider model. This board was designed for local SUP'er Steve Marsh. Steve helped design this board and we think that it will surf like a mo-fo!! One thing we do know for sure right now, it will have the looks of a pimp mobile. Bada-Bing!! We should have it in the water early next week. I will keep you posted. Jim

Ben with his old man (me!)

Standup paddle boarding is something the whole family gets into. This pic was taken at the end of a paddle board race. Ben is 9 years old and I had to tow him with my surf leash into a nasty headwind most of the way. Ben hung tough and was super bummed he couldn't paddle the whole race on his own. I will remember this time we had together forever. Way to go Ben-E boy!!!

10' BlueLine PaddleSurf

Santa Barbara's home grown high performance standup paddle boards. BlueLine PaddleSurf will offer custom epoxy SUP boards. Designed, shaped and glassed locally. More news, info and pics coming so check back soon!! Jim Brewer