Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I have been needing a new way to get all my SUP boards to the beach and back. This is what I came up with. I bought a nice trailer from a friend and had the local muffler shop weld a surf rack on it. I should be able to fit at least 15 SUP boards on this puppy if needed. And yes, I have at least 15 boards around the house and at friends houses. My wife told me that the trailer looks like a wart hog in the drive way so that will be it's new name. WART HOG BABY!!!!

Also, Saturday May 17th we are planning a Ron House/Gerry Lopez SUP demo at Ledbetter Beach. We are still in the planning stage and I will have all the details asap. The demo will end in a cocktail party next door at the Shoreline Beach Cafe. This will be a Ron House /Gerry Lopez demo only. Ron House will be there as well as 4 time Olympic canoeist Jimmy Terrell of Quick Blade paddles. Most of you already know that the Quick Blade SUP paddle is the very best paddle that money can buy. We will have a full blown SUP demo with all the SUP boards known to man at a later date. Stay tuned. I'm off for a little SUP adventure and will be back Saturday. OUT.

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