Sunday, April 27, 2008

THE 805

Why do I paddle board? I woke up this morning feeling kind of furry from last nights festivities. Had one or five to many glasses of wine at friends house so I decided to grab the 11' SUP board and do a down coast run from Henry's to Miramar. That's about a 2 hour paddle. It turned out to be super hot and glassy with no wind. Along the way a big ass whale came right up to me on the board. When I arrived at my destination the wife and kids were on the beach waiting for me. My son grabbed the 9'6" Lopez board and we paddled around some more. Managed to surf a couple of ankle slappers and checked out the fish in the Crystal clear water. Good time on the water with family and friends. Jumped in the Trooper aka "The Pooper"
and headed home. Forgot all about the hangover. Life is good. OUT.

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