Saturday, March 8, 2008


Santa Barbara is quickly becoming the SUP mecca of California. Warren- aka "WarDog"- and Debby, owners of Surfing Sports had another successful demo at Ledbetter Beach today under hot sunny skies. Their demos are a great way to come out and try lots of different SUP boards. I rode three different boards today. I don't know of anyone else that can offer up something like this. They had just about every SUP board you could imagine! You guys down south really need to drive up next time he has a demo. Great fun hanging out at the beach with SUP friends.


srfnff said...


Do you know when the next demo is going to be held? I'd like to drive down from Santa Cruz.

gary - srfnff

John Ashley said...

You're right- I do need to get up there next time. I bought my first board and my wife's board from Wardog and Debby- good people.

I'll be there next time. But watch out rumor has it I'll be cruising your waters mid-March....

Bwaaaa Haaaaa Haaaaaa Haaaaa!

Jim Brewer said...

Gary-I'll let you know as soon as I hear about another demo. I will post it on my blog and you can also check

srfnff said...

Thanks Jim, I'll be checkin' for it.

And's a suggestion: Why don't we meet up in SB at the next board demo? It can be a north-south Santa Barbara invasion!

Jim Brewer said...

John-Look us up when you are in town.

John Ashley said...

Hey Gary- that sounds fun- we should talk Mash into hauling his fun box to SB and camping out- maybe Jalama? Surf T's and hit the demo- I want to paddle that short and phat pheeeesh.

Jim- I'm sure I'll run into you at Leadbetter one of those days- just look for the surfpickle and the guy who surfs like he's pushing the shopping cart.