Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Word on the street!! There is a new elite SUP racer in town doing some secret training. Look out for this dude. He drinks Coors like it's going out of style. This ain't no downstream racer!! I think his secret is mixing Budweiser in with the Coors. It turns into rocket fuel!! OK, the secret is OUT.


John Ashley said...

Hydrating and carbo-loading using an ecologically sustainable liquid delivery system... Team Blueline in full effect! SICK!

I'll be in your 'hood Feb. 20th and 21st is that kicker fixed yet? - let's go surf some.

John Ashley

Jim Brewer said...

John-The kicker is doing well. I am back on the water and a little sore. I forgot that SUP is a workout. Its been a long time since I have been sore. I will be in town. Come on by and we can surf and all that good stuff. You need to stop and check out the store.