Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I have had this beautiful 18' Joe Bark SUP race board in my shop since the race a couple of weeks ago. It belongs to Jim Terrell from QuickBlade paddles. Yes, it is for sale. No, I don't race.......any more. I did a SUP race last year on the Colorado river and discovered that I should stick to SUP surfing. I got my butt kicked and had no fun in the process. I spent 25 years racing bikes and later managing bike racing teams. No more racing for the kid of any way!! But damn this thing looks bad ass! Long and sleek and it really looks like fun. It is a work of art. I just might have to take it out for a spin.

We are getting some of the new Surftech Joe Bark 14' Expedition SUP boards at BlueLine and that will be a killer board. My friends and I have plans to do a Channel crossing and on a later trip paddle around Point Conception and on to Santa Barbara. The Expedition will be the board of choice for sure for these trips. OUT.

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