Saturday, January 17, 2009


You have seen the little Aflac duck on TV right? Aflaaaaaaac!!!. Another obnoxious TV ad with a sound you can't get out of your head. Aflaaaaaaaaaac!!! Well, after 45 years, a dozen operations, brain contusions, a broken back, enough stitches to make even Frankenstein jealous, numerous trips to the ER and a few stays in ICU I finally discovered accident insurance. Aflaaaaaaaaac!!! I never really knew what that stupid little duck was representing. I thought the TV ad was for auto insurance or something. Turns out Aflac is accident insurance. They shower you with cash whenever you get hurt. How come it took me so long to figure this out? How come I didn't sign up years ago? Damn! I could have had a duffel bag full of cash under my bed by now. Hell, the sales women who signed me up even gave me the little duck so when I squeeze it it goes "Aflaaaaaaaaac!!!!" If you get hurt like I do you might want to check this out. The way I see it is this, if you don't get hurt you aren't trying hard enough. You aren't pushing the limits. You aren't going big. You spend way too much time behind the desk. Getting hurt is part of the deal. It sucks but it comes with the territory. I am finally recouping from my latest injury and have been out doing some flat water paddling the past 3 days. It feels so good to be back out on the ocean. OUT.

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