Monday, November 17, 2008


So just when I thought things were cruising right along I get banged up again. No problem, I've been banged up my whole life. You have to pay to play and I have paid plenty. I talked with a friend the other day and I asked him what a blog really is. He has had a blog for years and he told me a blog is like a personal diary. Its a way to check in on someone else's life and see what they are up to every day. Its kind of a cool idea......I guess. You can wake up in the morning grab a cup of coffee and see what the hell Jim Brewer is doing or what he has done or what he is doing at the SUP store. If that's what you like to spend your time doing that's cool with me. Read on!!!

A couple of weeks ago I wiped out on my SUP board and slashed my leg with my carbon paddle. After letting it heal a bit I had the stitches removed only to find out that things weren't what they were supposed to be. I have a case of drop foot! What the Fu@# is drop foot? Well, it looks like some tendons and muscles aren't hooked up after the injury so I have to go in Friday and have some major surgery. I think I will be out of the water for the winter and spending even more time in the store. No problem. This means I will be more focused on helping our customers and less focused on the next surf report. Like I said earlier, I have had many injures including brain contusions, busted jaw, surgery on both shoulders and both knees, had my left hand stitched back on, almost bit my tongue off and had it stitched back on, broke my back and some ribs, broke both my feet at the same time on my dirt bike and many more ER visits... I won't bore you with.

So this leads me to my spew on your SUP paddle. Don't think that bad boy is harmless. I have eaten shit on my SUP board hundreds of times in big waves and tiny waves. I have had a few boo-boos including stitches on my foot and small things like that. Now this thing with the paddle is something to worry about. I would recommend adding a rubber lining around your blade so you don't have the same problem I now have. This simple addition to your paddle might save you a year of grief. Do it!!! You can use electric tape or go to the auto shop and buy the door liner. Cheap and easy. No, you won't notice the stuff is on your blade. It won't slow you down in a race. OUT. OUT.

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