Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Bob Byrne getting busy on the nose of his Jimmy Lewis 11' SUP board up north. Bob is part of the growing SUP gang north of Santa Barbara and around the corner. I like Bob's style. Wetsuit...I don't need no stinking wetsuit!! Some other dude that goes by the name Marathon Man is making a name for himself up there also. I guess he goes out on his SUP for 5 hours at a time with a few beer breaks. Thanks Bob for the pics. Keep them coming. OUT.


Bob said...

For the record, MM does not beer break prior to surfing or between sessions, with the exception of a "beer @ the pier" prior to departure from said pier when accessing the fruits of the west end when he's on board the "Blue Marlin" Skipper'd by Mr. Silver Bullet Beer Man.

Now, after surfing, MM loves to drink YOUR beer....better have plenty of it too.

Jim Brewer said...

Marathon Man........the legend grows. I'll tell you what.....he aint no daisy!!