Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Local SUP style master and good friend Oliver came by the shop today, strapped on his tool belt and busted out some fine wood work. I am so stoked to have help from friends like him. Also, Ron House stopped by the store on his way up to Lake Tahoe and gave us the thumbs up on the store. He will be at our grand opening along with a few other big names that will be announced later. We will be open in a few weeks and plan on having the grand opening party in mid October. OUT.


John Ashley said...

Holy Shitake!

I leave the state for a couple of weeks and this pops up! Unreal!

Congratulations- I expect BlueLine will be the first all-SUP shop in California- way to focus like a laser beam on our collective sickness!

Given this sports major demographic, I can't wait to see the 30+ year old shop rats (wonder who'll get the first "sticker and wax sponsorship"?).

Are you going it alone or this is a SurfingSports/BlueLine collaboration?

I'm blown away- so far the space looks really, really good!

Best of luck to your endeavor- you're on to something good.

J. Ashley

Jim Brewer said...

Thanks John. I have been throwing this SUP store idea around for a couple of years. I decided to go for it. No, I am not collaborating with SurfingSports. I have two other local SB partners. The store and website are just phase 1 in our long term plan. You guys down south have to come up and check us out.

John Ashley said...

I'll definitely come check it out next time I'm passing through.

When you've got the web site done send me the link and I'll put it up.

Congrats and good luck!

Jim Brewer said...

John- The website will be up soon. I will send you the link asap.