Monday, August 4, 2008


Today is Jr. Lifeguard surf day at Ledbetter Beach. BlueLine Paddlesurf will have a fleet of SUP boards out for the kids to have fun with. I did this last year with 2 SUP boards and the boards never touched the sand. This year I will bring 4 or 5. My son is on his 2nd year with the Jr. Lifeguards and it is a great summer program for kids 9 years old and up. It makes them tough in the water and keeps them happy and healthy all summer.

Also, BlueLine Paddlesurf has donated a new Gerry Lopez 10'3" SUP board along with a Quickblade paddle to the Santa Barbara Swim Club for their 2008 Swim-A-Thon fundraiser grand prize. The kids are fired up and I'm sure the parents will want the board as well. The kids will swim for two hours or 200 laps, whatever comes first. Swimmers obtain pledges/donations per lap.

So what about BlueLine Paddlesurf? After giving it a lot of thought and exploring many options and opportunities over the past few years my business partners and I have decided to ramp things up. We are just about to launch our new website and we are working on opening up our 1,700 square foot Santa Barbara SUP retail store. We will be a fully dedicated SUP surf shop open 7 days a week under the name of BlueLine Standup Paddlesurf, Santa Barbara. Stay tuned for more info. OUT.


linter said...

glad to hear about the shop, seems like the right idea at the right time, esp if what laird predicted in USA Today comes to pass. (But you will be taking on wardog's surfingsports, am i right?)

meanwhile, are you going to sell that g.d. grippy paint stuff i've been trying to get my hands on for about a zillion months and, if so, think you'll be able to send it to the east coast for a reasonable price (ie not like 10x the actual cost, as the manufacturer does ...)?

Jim Brewer said...

lINTER-I will be selling the spray grip but I'm sure the shipping will be the same. I/we don't have control over the shipping companies. Whatever they charge is of course added to the price of the paint. Is there a surf shop near you? If so we can set them up as a dealer and you can get it from them. Let me know.

As for the Wardog comment, I am not taking him on any more than I am taking on the many other shops that sell SUP boards in the area. We are all friends and share the same passion for the sport. Five years from now there will probable be 5 or 6 SUP only surf shops in So Cal. It's time to shit or get off the pot. Thanks for the comment. OUT.