Sunday, July 13, 2008


Local shaper/surfer Wayne Rich is adding a SUP board to his line of high performance longboards. As we all know, Wayne puts hours of thought into every board he shapes. When he is done he has created a masterpiece that is full of soul. I'm not sure I can say that about many other shapers. Anyone that knows Wayne knows what I'm talking about. I first met Wayne about 9 years ago when we worked together at the Clyde Beatty glass shop over on Grey Ave. Wayne would bring me his boards to sand and add the fin boxes. At the time I was learning to shape boards and Wayne would on occasion let me sit in his shaping room and watch. That's when I realized I was 20 years off the back. I shaped a few boards but now leave the shaping to the guys that have put the time in. Now after some time has passed we will be working together again on his SUP projects. I will rep and sell the boards and needless to say I am super stoked. The above pics of his first SUP board is a 10'6" that will be used as the master for a sandwich wrap epoxy SUP board. This board will be available in a couple of months. The boards will have a beautiful finish with a handle added. At first the SUP board will be only available in limited quanties so if you are interested in having your name added to a pre-order list please call 805 450-9490 to reserve a board off of the first container. This for sure will be a popular SUP board in town and abroad. OUT.

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