Thursday, July 24, 2008


I jumped in my van yesterday morning at 4:00am and made my trek down to San Clemente to surf with Ron House at Dog Patch and then make my regular SUP business rounds before heading home. I do this trip from Santa Barbara about 3 times a month. Ron told me that Gerry Lopez was in town staying with him so he would also be surfing with us today. Gerry is about 15 years older than me and surfed me under the table. I consider myself to be a good SUP surfer and in good shape but I was truly humbled at how many waves Gerry would catch and how long he would stay out. It's great to have Gerry in the SUP family and he really rips on the boards. He also shapes one hell of a nice SUP board so if you have a chance, get on one. My favorite is the Lopez 9'6". I surfed it for 4 hours yesterday. OUT.

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