Sunday, January 13, 2008

Put up yer dukes!

Well it is finally happening at our local break. It seems that some aggro surfer has had enough of us "kook" SUP guys. He has been yelling at us and telling us to go somewhere else. Funny thing is that when I try and find the guy in the lineup, he shuts up. Maybe it's my tattoos that scare him!? Today he gave my wife a bunch of BS and the day before my friend "StyleMaster" almost got into a fist fight with him. What are we going to do about these kind uf bozos? It's one thing if we invade Rincon but we are talking about a familly break that I have been surfing for over 30 years. My first thought is to drill the guy in the kisser and put it to rest but I can't afford a lawyer :) Any one else out there having this problem? I think what we as experienced surfers and SUP surfers need to do is educate the less experienced SUP surfers. The problem with this sport is that there are a lot of guys on these giant boards that don't know the rules or how to surf. It's our responsibilty and the responsibilty of the surf shop that sells the SUP boards to educate the buyer on surfing ettiquette. Everyone has a right not to get his head ripped off by a guy on a 12' board that doesn't know how to surf. This issue is only going to get worse unless we all learn to respect each other in the line up. In other words, this guy that is yelling at the SUP guys may have a point but he needs to have respect for the guys that know what they are doing.


John Ashley said...

Hah! Had a similar experience today surfing a spot outside my home break. Lot's of barking but no takers when it came to square up time. And your right, they do have a point- if there's a guy on a 12'er who doesn't know what he's doing but we were all handling today- and actually connecting sections the manuals had no prayer of making. Whatever. How was Maui?

Jim Brewer said...

Maui was fun with good waves. I would love to grab a few of the big local boys in Maui that SUP and bring them to SB. I don't think the surfers giving us crap would say a word to these guys. From the looks of your last pic you were in Santa Barbara so give me a shout next time you drive up.

John Ashley said...

Hey Jim-

I just threw that photo up there because as you know, the blog must be fed. Figures a local would instantly recognize it.

I was up there about a month ago- just zipped up for the day and surfed tiny Poles. Everybody was super cool out there. I'll email you next time I come through your 'hood.

We dealt with idiots yesterday at PB Point down here in SD. Just dirtbags who don't even surf- just sit around and carp. You know how it goes.

Hope you scored some of this last round of good surf. You guys definitely have it good up there!

Keoki said...

Nobody owns the waves. Just have some etiquette and in about a year there will be so many SUP'ers that the guys yelling will look like cry babies. Here in Hawaii, so many of the "Heavies" are transitioning to SUP so if you call out one unknown guy you are indirectly calling out the big boys. Eventually your local breaks will have their regulators that help keep the peace.

Jim Brewer said...

Keoki-Most of the guys here in Santa Barbara that SUP surf are big guys so we should have the issue under control soon. It just takes one wanker to stir up the pot. Thanks for checking out my Blog.