Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More boards!!

As if I didn't have enough SUP boards I just added two more. They are both Naish. One is a 10'6" and the other is 11'6". That brings my total to seven SUP boards around the house. My wife is going to make me rent a container soon to put them all in. I might even have to hang a hammock in the container and sleep with them as well. Hope not. I put the deck pads on yesterday and sprayed the nose with a marine grade non-skid epozy coating. The company that makes the coating is Monster Grip Paint out of San Clemente. The stuff works great and I have it on all my boards above the deck pads. OUT.


CB1 said...

You trying to keep up with Wardog and have a fleet of SUPs? :-) What are your plans for the 11'6 Naish? Seems everyone is downsizing and etc, yet you pick up the larger Naish? Will this be your cruising board? I have the 11'6 as well. Was planning to sell to fund my next SUP.

The 11'6 feels lively to me (compared to the JL 11'), and I like it alot, but wish the thing wasn't so thick.

Jim Brewer said...

cb1-I have a long way to go to catch up with The Dog.
As for the 11'6" Naish I use it for down winders in rough water. It is also really great for first timers due to how thick it is. ANYONE can stand up on it the first time so it makes them feel good about the sport. They can always get a smaller board later. Naish will soon add an 11'4" much thinner SUP board and a 9'6" quad SUP.

CB1 said...

Do you have an inside line in the Naish camp? (you don't have to answer if you don't want to) :-) I don't hear too much about Naish boards on some of the SUP forums (except from the Australian guys). Will the new Naish SUPs still offer the mast track option? Any dimensions for the new models? I realize it may be too early to tell, but thought I'd ask anyway! Thanks for the info!

Jim Brewer said...

CB1-Naish is big in Maui and Europe but they haven't spent a lot of time building their SUP line in the U.S. That is about to change as I have just signed on as the Naish California Rep. I will be driving up and down the coast doing demos and getting shops set up. By May we will have 4 SUP boards in the line from the 9'6" up to the 11'6". If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call. And yes, the boards will still be set up to sail but with just a screw hole instead of the long mast track.

Jim Brewer

waterman said...

What type of pad did you put on your 11'6 Naish? It looks like a NSI? Are you still a NAish Rep? I wanted your opinion on a first time SUp that can also sail. I weigh 210lbs. Should I wait for the 11'4 or go 11'6? The 11'6 looks thick. Also if you are no longer a NAish rep would be interested in selling your Naish gear? Thanks