Friday, November 30, 2007


Spencer checking the concave on the BlueLine 10' 2' noserider.


linter said...

that's what i want, a noserider. what's the width? if i could get something like 10-6 x 31 or 32 that'd be ideal, though i have no idea how it'd ride at that width. do you have any idea what happens at extreme widths with a shorter SUP?

John Ashley said...

Hey Linter I ride a 10'0 by 30" board- the thing goes unreal. Put it in the right spot and it makes its own speed!

Jim Brewer said...

Linter-It really depends on the design. I have been on SUP boards that are 27" wide and are more stable than a board that is 30" wide. It mostly depends on the bottom and the rails. A board that has 50/50 rails like my SUP noserider is less stable because of the rails. So what you need is a guy that knows how to shape SUP boards and he will make it work for you. My 10' 2" noserider is 29" wide. Like I said above, it has 50/50 rails and that makes it a little tippy but is surfs great!!