Sunday, November 25, 2007

BlueLine 11'

The boyz getting busy with the finishing touches on my 11' SUP. We now have three boards in the water (10', 10' 2", and 11') and three more being glassed for the local surf shop. When I decided to get back into the surf biz the surf shop here in town had ZERO SUP boards. Now by the time I get my boards in the shop they have about 20 in stock and have sold over 40 SUP boards. Things are happening way to fast!!!!


John Ashley said...

Allright... give us some dimensions on that bad boy!

linter said...

yeah me too. 11' x what" x what"?

Jim Brewer said...

The 11' footer is my biggest board so I made it 29" wide and 4" 3/8 inches thick. These are my first few SUP boards so I am going big and thick the first time around. They will get smaller, thinner and more narrow as time goes on. I like to go big at first then try them out and make changes.