Wednesday, November 21, 2007


My long time friend Spenser Kellogg from iShapes watching one of my SUP boards come to life. I design the boards on a CAD program and have them buzzed out. Back about 10 years ago I hand shaped all my surfboards and let me tell you that "Da Machine" is the way to go. The biggest problem I have now is working with the new EPS foam. Back when I was shaping by hand the Clark foam was like molding butter. This new EPS stuff is like trying to finish shaping a styrofoam ice chest from Vons.


CB1 said...

Nice blog! Really diggin' the photos! What kind of dimensions are you running on your new board?

Jim Brewer said...

Thanks. The basic dimensions on all my boards are 28" wide and 4" 3/8 thick. The front and rear rocker changes with each board. I am still working on the perfect tail rocker and fin set up.