Thursday, July 23, 2009


Jerry Shalhoob and Steve Marsh hanging out in the "man barn" putting on another deck pad. We have applied soooo many deck pads in the "man barn" over the years. Jerry and Steve are a couple of my good friends and also proud owners of Paddle Surf Hawaii SUP boards. If you live in California and specifically Santa Barbara you probably have noticed lots of these boards in the line up. These SUP boards kick ass in the surf and are also great flat water boards for beginners. The magic in these boards is that they are super stable and surf insane. Why is that? Because they are shaped on the North Shore by Blane Chambers and tested by big strong Hawaiians in solid surf. This all translates into a killer SUP board for us on the mainland that is stable yet surfs like a mo-fo. You get the best of both worlds. Stop by BlueLine and test drive a board and find out for yourself why so many people are making the move to Paddle Surf Hawaii. Great people, great boards, great prices.

New pricing on all PSH boards going into effect at the end of the month. Prices will range from $1050 to $1099 including deck pad and fins. The best boards at the best price. OUT.

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