Thursday, July 16, 2009


So much for my thinking that SUP surfing was going to be a safer sport than other stuff I have done in the past like mountain bike racing, road racing, free riding, snow boarding and the list goes on. Since I stared doing SUP I have busted my ribs two different times, severed all my tendons in my lower leg with my paddle blade and had major surgery to re-connect them. I have had many stitches on my feet from jumping off the board onto rocks. I barely survived a recent SUP trip to the Galapagos. What are you going to do!! How about get a big ass super fast new motorcycle. Yup, I am now the proud owner of a 2009 KTM 530. It's street legal and goes real fast. My wife just got more life insurance for me after seeing it. Not a bad idea with my track record. Might just be safer than SUP. At least I will have a helmet on:) OUT.


Carles Carrera said...

It's nice to see that other SUPers are motorcycle freaks like me. I also made it my way of life.

Enjoy that KTM, and I advice to you to geat a Supermoto kit. An awesome bike

John Ashley said...

Rad. You're effing crazy. Bring it down to Todos (the one near Cabo) this Christmas- tons of open dirt roads and some fun surf too- we'll be down there for three weeks- let's surf!

Darren said...

Nice! Way to score the bike!