Tuesday, April 14, 2009


My friend Blane Chambers from Paddle Surf Hawaii called me the other day all fired up on their newest way to stay in shape when the surf goes flat or the wind comes up over on the islands. Stand Up Paddle skating. The idea isn't new but the way Blane and his crew are doing it is. Totally leaning on the stick just like SUP. I of course couldn't let Blane have all the fun so I got a carve board and made a stick out of an old windsurfing mast and hit the hills yesterday. Im hooked!!!! As you can see by the photos above my stick is to short so I had Jim Terrell from Quick Blade paddles make me a custom stick that will be 6" over my head with lots of flex. It will basically be a Qb paddle without the blade. Ill put roller blade wheels on the bottom. Ill post the results tomorrow when it arrives. OUT.


Brad said...

Or you could go to www.kahunacreations.com and get yourself the original. Its quite fun and love our photos.

Kahuna Creations

Jim Brewer said...

Yes indeed. If you guys could make a stick taller than 6' that would be killer!! Ill be the first one in line to buy one. OUT.