Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rick Thomas

Now that SUP has hit the big time we are constantly being reminded of who is the biggest, longest, oldest, fastest in the business......blah blah blah! Hell, I'm guilty of it myself! This brings me to the subject of the underground SUP legend of Rick Thomas....the Godfather of SUP on the US mainland. Yup, Rick introduced SUP to the US mainland in the year 2000 and the rest is history. Rick is a very humble human being. Rick speaks softly and carries a big paddle! He is very proud of his Hawaiian culture. I had the honor of spending a couple of days with him on my latest trip down to Mexico. This guy is the real deal. We talked lots of story but I wont say anymore because his whole story will be told in full in the near future. Thanks Rick for turning us on to the Hawaiian sport of SUP on the mainland.......respect.

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