Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I did my first SUP bombing run on Nor Cal. This was just a trip to soften up the targets for the next raid. There was a lot of interest in my boards and I got out and surfed some really fun overhead beach break. Yes, I got my ass handed to me on some inside shore pound and a local asked me if I had a barn to store my board in!! Over all it was a fun trip an I hope to be back up in a couple of weeks. OUT.


SUP! said...

Be careful North of Santa Cruz. I have broken 5 SUP boards, 3 C4 paddles at the shaft, 2 C4 paddles at the blades and lots of leashes. Twice the paddles failed mid-face on triple overhead+ waves during the drop.

If you are going to be making trips in the winter bring a life vest and get some leashes with the quick release pins. It can go bad pretty quick up here. I got thrown into the rocks a couple of times. My leash was completely tangled. Pulling the pin worked like a charm.

Also get some bright colored duct tape and wrap it around your paddle so that you can see it. Or expect to lose your paddle and never get it back.

Jim Brewer said...

SUP! Thanks for the heads up. I lived and surfed in San Francisco for 7 years and I know what your saying.
Ocean Beach has kicked my ass a few times. I have heard of other guys having problems with the C4 paddles as well. I have been using Quickblade paddles for 3 years and have never had a problem even in big surf. Talk soon. OUT.