Monday, May 12, 2008

Lopez 9'6"'s a floater !!!

My buddy Earl took my Gerry Lopez 9'6"+27 1/2" demo board out today for a spin around Ledbetter. He came back an hour later and plunked down the cash and bought one for himself. What's so unusual about this? Well, Earl weighs in at a healthy 205 pounds. 205 POUNDS on a 9'6" by 27 and a half inch wide SUP board! On the flip side a light weight chick the other day that has never been on a SUP board bought the Lopez 9'6" and had no problem on it. No excuses to not go small now. Big Earl (solid muscle mind you) and small light rookie chick can hang with the small board. OUT.

FYI...keep your eyes peeled when cruising the 101 between Santa Cruz and Santa Barbara for the above Lopez SUP board. I let my neighbor take it to Santa Cruz on Sunday and somewhere on the way home Sunday night it blew off of his freaking truck. No I'm not joking and he feels like a giant ass! He paid up and I now have a new one but it would be cool to find out where it ended up.

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