Saturday, October 31, 2009


Not sure that I have ever heard anyone call a molded board a "Magic" board but for me my 9'2" PSH board is just that. This board survived the now notorious Galapagos surf trip and many beatings on the rocks locally. I have ripped out the side fin and also the center box. Put holes all over the bottom. Had everything fixed. My kids love to draw on things so I turned them loose on the board with paint pens. Now this molded board has some serious character. I could easily replace it with a new shinny one but Im not. Im going to keep surfing and working this board like a farm animal until it turns to dust. First magic molded board I ever owned. OUT.


John Ashley said...

"Drink beer. Or. Drink beer."


K3rM1t said...

I just picked one of these up from your shop yesterday and rode it this morning. I was super worried it was too small as I have been riding 10'6"s for years, afraid to step down. I can't express how much fun I had this morning in small pretty surf! I've never ripped turns like that on a SUP and it floats me just fine!

Thanks Blueline!!!