Sunday, August 23, 2009

ON THE ROAD AGAIN......................

Me and my buddy Steve-O are jumping in the Paddle Surf Hawaii van full of SUP demo boards and heading up to the pacific north west tomorrow for a 13 day road trip. We will be making stops at the Russian River, Bend Oregon, Hood River, Puget Sound and many other places. Purpose of the trip is to have as much fun as possible on our SUP boards and take tons of photos. Look for the big white Sprinter van with PSH logos. Ill try and do daily posts from the road with killer photos. OUT.


Darren said...

C'mon C'mon! SUP it up!! So any great places to SUP. Look forward to seeing posts along the way. I'll try and hook my Bro up with you in the Seattle area. He tried SUP on Lake Tahoe yesterday and dug it!

Safe trip!

Shnoover said...

I literally just got a 10-6 AA from you guys, Barney helped me out, it got to SEA great on Monday, then I left for Houston today. If you guys are in Seattle/Puget Sound area after labor day and want to paddle with a new customer, let me know... freighter waves in the sound... Have a great time either way.
Thanks for the board!