Wednesday, June 3, 2009


........cuz the Paddle Surf Hawaii SUP surf team is on the way. We will be converging on the Archipielgo De Colon, other wise know as the Galapagos Islands. The beautiful islands lie 600+ miles off the South American country of Ecuador and get hammered by big south swells. Will we get it good.....who knows but guaranteed we will have a blast and come home with thousands of killer photos from one of the most magical places on earth. North Shore surf photographer Allen Mozo will be shooting the whole trip and wildlife photographer Morgan Hoesterey will be filming it as well. No doubt we will have great memories to share and many stories to pass on. The crew will be from the mainland, west coast and the north shore of Oahu. Pro kiter/big wave charger Peter Trow and I will be the representing haoles from California and the north shore crew will consist of PSH strong man Austin Yonehiro, Japanese long board champ Kekoa Uemura who rips on a SUP board and Curtis"DaKine" Miyashiro. 7 total.

The adventure begins right here in the good old USA. I have been so busy I just finally looked at our itinerary and it looks crazy! Peter Trow and I will have to leave Santa Barbara tonight (Wednesday) and met up with the Hawaiian crew at LAX. Our flight to Panama doesn't leave LAX until 2:30 in the freaking morning! 10 hours later we arrive in Panama for a lay over until our next flight to Ecuador. We spend the night in Ecuador and then jump on a smaller plane for the 600 mile flight out to the Galapagos Islands where the adventure really begins. Needles to say we will be worked like a farm animal at this point. We have a boat to haul us around the 13 islands once we arrive to look for surf. I'll be gone for 13 days and I'll try my best to do blog posts from my laptop. Yup, it seems that we will have internet access at some spots. Check my blog for updates and killer pics. This of course will be well documented and seen on TV and mags in the future. Of course we will ALL be surfing Paddle Surf Hawaii SUP boards....the most insane high performance surf boards on the market.....period. OUT

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